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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 7, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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you. closed captioning by closed captioning services, inc. >> sean: casey anthony gets to walk out of jail six days from now. so what is next for the mother acquitted of murdering her child? >> here they come. >> the metal works is set to close friday. >> sean: a host of new campaign ads hits the small screen. karl rove is here with analysis. >> liberal media calls goppers everything from terrorists, greedy, suicide bombers. >> it seems it is overrun now by people who are abolitionists. >> sean: brent bozell is here for this week's edition of media mash. >> more details in the shocking guns to mexico program that may threaten to
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bring down top administration officials. we'll tell you whose job may be at risk. >> we are on the road to 2012, hannity starts right now. >> casey anthony's fate has been decided. she will be a free woman next wednesday. while judge perry handed her the maximum punishment, during sentencing today, four years for lying to investigators, he gave her credit for the time she has already served and good behavior. judge perry slapped her with a $1,000 fine for each count. >> as a result of those four separate and distinct lies, law enforcement expended a great deal of time, energy and manpower, looking for young caylee marie anthony. >> sean: after sentencing the court announced casey's
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release date. >> at this time, i would like to announce that the defendant was given credit for 1,043 days. and at this time, her release date has been calculated as july 13th, 2011. >> sean: there you have it. just six more days behind bars for casey anthony. joining me robert shapiro, kimberly guilfoyle. you can see her on the upcoming show on the fox news channel, the five, starting next week. bob good to see you, thanks for being with us. we appreciate you being here. you wrote a column and you were kind enough to share it with me. why was casey anthony found not guilty? i want you to explain it. >> well, what i said sean wasswa what a lot of people are saying now. that -- that's in hindsight.
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the prosecution overcharged this case. when they charge first degree murder, as a capital murder for the death penalty, they made a promise to the jury. they said, we think that we are going to be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that casey anthony is guilty of murder in the first degree. and she should be executed as a result. they failed to deliver on that promise. in hindsight, they made it clear that they knew they couldn't deliver on that promise, when the state's attorney said, we have a dead bones case. and it is going to be very, very, very difficult to prove. we know that. the first thing a lawyer is gonna look at, kimberly will tell you this from her years of prosecuting cases, they look at the autopsy report. they go to the last page. and they look at the coroner's conclusion. in this case, it was homicide by unknown means.
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those things are mutually exclusive. >> sean: i watched juror number 3 who gave an interview to abc news. every argument, i made to you last night, including what bob shapiro just said, she made that is, if i don't know how this person died, how am i gonna sentence her? look, the jury they didn't need a lot of time. they were all in agreement here. as was the alternate juror. so, you still are furious at the verdict. >> i'm not furious. i'm5bjz telling you, based on y years of experience as a prosecutor and evaluating crime scenes and evidence and reviewing autopsy results, i don't disagree with what bob said, he's right. it isn't inconsistent what i said last night. >> sean: in a passionate way. >> i'm passionate about justice, extremely passionate
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when children are murdered and i feel the person responsible is getting a pass and will walk out the door next wednesday the prosecutors may it almost insurmountable for them by charging the death penalty and trying to drive home the first degree when they didn't have a specific cause of death that the medical examiner put down on the form. now, the reason why the medical examiner couldn't give you that specific cause of death was because in little girl's body was dumped in a garbage bag and left for five months. so there was just skeletal remains. >> sean: bob, i was using the analogy from the beginning, the 31 days is beyond odd that a mother wouldn't report her missing child. her lies, well documented. she was convicted on the lies. we have this burr. we have these protections for citizens -- the/?yañ presumptiof innocence before you are proven guilty that burden being on the prosecution that
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means something to me. they didn't neat that burden as an observer of this case. >> sean, i agree with you. look, i think anyone reasonable person would conclude that the most likely occurrence in this case was that casey anthony is responsible for the death of her child. i don't think any reasonable person would disagree with that. >> sean: right. >> but we had two trials in this case. a trial in the media. and we had a trial in the courtroom. each one had different rules. in the courtroom, there was rules of evidence, what was admissible and jury instructions where 12 people were charged to deliberate. and they were not allowed to form any opinions until all the evidence was in. in the court of public opinion, there was no such restriction. people formed opinions before any evidence was even taken. and they became very passionate and understandably
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so in a case like this. but my real question to people who think this verdict was wrong and they are outraged by it, is this, would you sleep comfortably every single night, convicting casey anthony of first degree murder and executing her, knowing you made the right decision? >> sean: i think this juror made that very point. and the juror said that she could not do that. could not sleep at night for the very reasons that they did not prove the case. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: were you so angry at this verdict. >> circumstantial evidence in this case, points to one conclusion sean. i'm sorry, if a little child drowns you don't duct tape over their mouth. >> sean: how do you know casey did it? >> she is the last person, she
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puts herself at the scene not the meter reader, not anybody else. you want to blame it on her father. >> sean: i'm not blaming anybody. [ talking over each other ] >> listen, you will hear. the bottom line is she the last one with the child. and how many years passed before she comes up with this story. coincidentally, matches the story from another inmate about a child drowning and the grandfather finding it. why the duct tape over the mouth sean? >> sean: hang on a second. >> i'm just asking you if you think it is negative -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: i'm going to let bob have a rebuttal here. >> i can't disagree totally with either of you. i can understand kimberly's point. and i think that the circumstantial evidence is very, very strong in this case. on the other hand, i can see where the forensic evidence
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was greatly flawed. where the prosecution was greatly impeached. and some of the science that was admitted had never been admitted in a courtroom before. >> true. >> analyzing air, was something unheard of. kimberly, even the prosecution in the closing argument said, we have two different views of the forensic evidence. and the jury is entitled to pick which one they think she want to rely upon. >> you are right bob. dna had its first day in court as well. maybe in evidence came too soon and it is difficult for everyone to understand. it didn't mean that later it won't prove to be scientifically reliable and readily accepted in court. obviously, that day wasn't in the casey anthony trial. >> sean: bob last word. >> i agree with you totally. kimberly, i don't think you would have voted for the death penalty or first degree murder if you were on the jury.
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>> fair enough. i wouldn't have charged it am i wouldn't have sought the death penalty. i understand human beings and emotion and juries and how to pick them and what ask them to do when they put their head on the pillow what i say they would have abiding conviction of the truth of the charge enough to take this woman's life? no. if you believe she responsible and based on the circumstantial evidence for taking the life of her child, that she is the one that had the motive, that is is the last one with her, then you can say if she gave her chloroform and a little one time and she died that is felony murder based on aggravated child abuse and she is guilty of that crime, which -- >> sean: good to see you both. >> sean thank you for having an educated and intellectual discussion i appreciate it. >> sean: i appreciate you getting kimberly from beating me up. >> wait until the commercial break. >> sean: mainstream obamamania media will be put on notice.
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brent bozell is back. >> if you had doubts about congresswoman michelle bachmann's presidential campaign, we have a bombshell new poll that may change your mind. karl rove will break down those numbers and grid the latest campaign ad that and much more straight ahead. at bayer, we're re-inventing aspirin for pain relief. with new extra-strength bayer advanc aspirin. it has microparticles, enters the bloodstream faster and rushes relief to the site of pain. it's clinically proven to relieve pain ice as fast. new bayer advanced aspirin. [ male announcer ] introducing mio. a revolutionary water enhancer. add a little...add a lot. for a drink that's just the way you like it. make it yours. make it mio.
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>> sean: the republican contenders hoping to unseat president obama pulling no punches attacking the abysmal
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record paying off for congresswoman michelle bachmann. in the latest public policy polling survey bachmann surged into second place only 7 points behind mitt romney many rounding out the top three is governor palin who has yet to announce her plans for 2012. congresswoman bachmann is money the gop presidential hopefuls who have unleashed television ads slamming the obama administration in recent weeks. joining me karl rove. welcome back. >> thanks for having me. >> sean: you have been contending these candidates need to distinguish themselves and stand out and let's run these ads and see if they are doing the job. here's michelle bachmann. >> as a -- i was born and raised in waterloo, mom of
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five and foster parent tax lawyer and small business job creator, we can't keep spending money we don't have. that's why i fought against the wasteful bail out, the stimulus, i will not vote to increase the debt sealing. i'm michelle bachmann and -- the debt ceiling. i'm michelle bachmann and i approve this message. >> how do you rate that ad? >> good ad. she says i was in iowa, important to people in iowa she describes who she is. and describes what she believes. i think she does so with a lot of presence. good on camera. i think it is a good introductory ad. i've seen reports that it can be as little as $1,000, $30,000. important in iowa in the early states to say to tell all these insiders watching the campaigns closely they number in the thousands, if not the tens of thousands in those early states, you need
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to say i'm a serious candidate, i bought $200,000 worth of television ads or $150,000 worth of television ads. the one mystifying thing i would question is the closing tag line. not much on television, thankfully, it is not much. the unifying choice who can beat obama, she wants to be a conviction politician not a elect able politician. if this turns into who has the best track record at winning -- she ran seven points behind mccain in her own district we she ran for reelection in 2008. last year in 2010 with a big republican win she raised 13 1/2 million dollars and got 52% of the vote. i don't think he ought to be stressing electability. that one point on the screen not said i think was a good ad. >> sean: interesting. she is doing great in the polls. >> be careful about those ppp
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polls that's a democrat outfit in north carolina. i'm always dubious about what a ppp says. >> sean: she is leading in iowa, another poll had her second in new hampshire. there's some consistency. pawlenty released his ad. let's look at this. >> a lot of candidates who come to iowa and say the same things. the question is, have they don't it? in a liberal state i reduced spending. took on the government unions and won. appointed a conservative supreme court and passed health care reform the right way. no mandates, no takeovers. if i could do it in minnesota, we can do it in washington. i'm tim pawlenty and i approve this message. >> sean: what did you think? >> i like it. it is a conviction ad. says here's what i have done as governor. puts his experience up anybody else in the crowd.
9:18 pm
there's a hint of a romney thing. a hint of christie note with the i took on the unions. again, good introductory ad. his buy we don't know the details. he had a substantial buy with this and he's up with a second ad that shows he's going to be serious. >> sean: whether you put together a web ad or your ad or second or third or an attack ad, you get a lot of free advertising from the media, because they will play, this ad just came you today and created a controversy, which is interesting. all right, the -- >> that's a really good point. let me say one thing about that. more people saw the bachmann ad tonight on your program and more people saw the pawlenty ad tonight on your program than are likely to have seen it in the entire state of iowa. >> sean: i don't know if i like that much power you are giving me. but i'll take it. let's go to governor rom still the front-runner, all polls
9:19 pm
confirm this. he targets the president and his jobs record. interestingly, not in iowa, not in new hampshire, but in pennsylvania. >> the president: good to be back in pennsylvania. i just came from allentown metal works where i had a chance to visit with workers. >> metal works set to close its doors friday. hailed as a symbol of hope by president obama last year when he promoted his jobs plan . >> sean: it may be my nature, but i love ads that tell the truth about your opponent. >> this is a powerful ad. because it used barack obama's
9:20 pm
own words. and barack obama's own actions. and barack obama's own policies to indict him. it was a terrific ad. this is how the new politics is working. romney goes to pennsylvania, appears at the same place that obama appeared at to herald the stimulus plan, a now closed factory. and gives a good set of remarks. then turns it into an ad that appears mostly on internet and cable tv on showings like this. and has a big nice grace note that he strikes on the economy, that showcases his strength as a businessman who can create jobs. >> sean: boehner said they may have a deal on the debt ceiling in 48 hours. how important is it that the republicans that won in this historic midterm hold their ground? >> absolutely critical. no net tax increases and real substantive spending cuts and entitlement reform.
9:21 pm
otherwise this thing could blow up in their faces. >> sean: i totally agree. this is a crucial moment in their future. i hope they get it right. karl rove, good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> sean: casey anthony dominated this week's headlines but the obamamania media still injected their bias into the political coverage. media mash, next. >> gun running scandal between the u.s. and mexico that implicates several obama administration officials. new reports suggest the attorney general is stonewalling the investigation. the shocking story, you don't want to miss it. people may be fired, coming up next.
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>> sean: the rest of the country may have been tuned into the casey anthony trial. not to worry, let not your
9:25 pm
heart be troubled the obamamania immediate up -- media, up to their same old tricks. back the president of the media research center brent bozell is back. god love chris matthews. you gotta love the guy. he's back, this time when you think he can't go further, here he is comparing the gop to terrorists and radical islamists. >> it is interesting, i was talking the old days. i've never seen either political party play terrorist with this regard. debt ceiling, limit always sacrosanct. the republican party seems to  now by people who are abolitionists. they are willing to abolish government and bring it down if they have to. they don't give a darn or damn about the consequences. >> also, is the republican party willing to risk economic armageddon in the name of
9:26 pm
religion? the religion of no taxes? willing to risk bringing down the whole country in the service of their anti-tax ideology. >> sean: what can you say about this? >> mark halprin was just banned indefinitely from msnbc for using a crude anatomical determine to -- term to describe the president as a jerk, he's banned. chris matthews calls republicans terrorists saying they want to bring the government down and that is okay. i've got to think, there comes a point where conservatives have got to , why are we going on this man's show? why are we giving him aid and comfort? this man believes not just exaggeration and hyperbole, but character assassination is acceptable now to be used against conservatives. >> sean: it is beyond the pale and it happens more and more,
9:27 pm
nobody seems to be outraged. we said similar things we know what the result would be in the media. i don't think halprin should have been suspended. he was assured, don't worry we'll hit the dump button and they didn't do it. and they threw him overboard, when they promised, i'll catch you if you fall. >> you have to be civil when dealing with liberals. you can say anything you want conservatives. >> sean: great point. on the same network, i guess the media's most beloved liberal show, tina brown comparing republicans to suicide bombers as it relates to budget talks. let's roll the tape. >> what was the answer to my question about who the hostage take really? [ inaudible ] >> suicide bombers in all this. >> i think they are standing on principle, doing what they believe is right. >> come on. they are not serious people on both sides.
9:28 pm
>> sean: suicide bombers. >> this is the same woman sean hannity, at the end of 2009 rush limbaugh saying that he was creatingng a toxic atmosphere. why? because he said he hoped obama's policies would fail. yet she can call conservatives suicide bombers and it is okay. what hypocrisy! >> sean: it is amazing. civility only works in one direction. the president can smear republicans as much as he wants. then elect s everybody on civility this is why we -- then elect s everybody on civility this is why wee do this segment. for years the media got away with it, now they don't. which intensifies their hatred of fox news and radio. >> no question. we said this was going to happen. they are going to let everything fly between now and november of 2012. they are going to throw everything and the kitchen
9:29 pm
sink to get their way. i don't know if it is going to work, but they are going to try it. >> sean: we've got -- our country is going bankrupt. we have near -- just a little under five trillion of new obama debt. new entitlement program health care. medicare, social secure headed for bankruptcy. we are risking our aaa rating and china is going to surpass us in terms of economic power within five years. we've got to cut spending. let's look at cbs news and how all cuts are draconian. >> i take your point on some of the things you have done. a lot of people say it is miraculous that you got your budget done in order to do it, you had to cut deeply into education. governor walker up in wisconsin, he had to do the same thing when he got his budget done. i guess governor walker, i would ask you, is that going to be the wave of the future to cut deeply into education? your legislature has just sent
9:30 pm
you a budget that i have to say looks more republican than democrat. in massachusetts of all places, it limits bargaining rights of state workers. deep cuts in the programs for the poor. no tax increases. you had to make draconian cuts yourself. you have cut down on the number of fire stations. you have cut down on ambulance service. do you feel good about that? is that what government is supposed to be doing here? >> sean: 2.2 trillion a year and they spend 1.65 trillion more and it is not enough. you are draconian, you are out of line. >> it is like the description of conservative, no such thing either far right, very far right, radical right. no such thing as a cut, deep cut. these are the people who want a massive new stimulus program. their solution is to spend
9:31 pm
more money. >> sean: unbelievable. we don't have a revenue problem. we have a spending problem. if we don't get ahold of it, the country we love, as we know it is gonna fall off the cliff. >> the public is seeing it now sean. >> sean: that's the thing thanks to new media and you. brent bozell, appreciate you being with us. >> the scandal that could bring down numerous top white house officials. more on the controversial project, project gun run we are california congressman darrell issa. did the attorney general lie and is his position in jeopardy? straight ahead. @
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>> sean: new shocking details in the scandal that threatens to bring down top obama administration officials. it is called project gun runner known as operation fast and furious was a botched international gun selling program that has been linked to the deaths of at least two americans.
9:35 pm
earlier this week acting atf director ken melson secretly testified before congressional investigators revealing new information about the program. after, the chairman of the house oversight and government reform committee, darrell issa and also senator chuck grassley fired off an angry letter to the attorney general holder writing of melson's testimony: >> sean: that approach distorted the truth and obstructed our investigation. late yesterday an assistant attorney general responded:
9:36 pm
>> sean: issa has suggested holder knew of the scandal earlier than he admitted to in sworn testimony. joining medical cal congressman, darrell issa. welcome back. >> thanks for having me and covering it. it is almost impossible to believe that everyone, including cbs news and many newspapers and fox had reported on fast and furious. yet eric holder still didn't know anything about it. >> sean: why, for the benefit of our audience this was an idea ill-conceiveed from the beginning. they were gonna follow the guns from the lower level people involved in the cartels, in the hope that this would bring them to the kingpins the leaders of these cartels. tell us about the operation and why you think it was
9:37 pm
ill-conceived? >> if you are going to follow the guns, you put tracing devices on them, you monitor them. you have teams including predator aircraft making sure you know where they are. we had over 2,000 weapons, dozens of separate sales in which atf agents did no following or followed to the first house or in one case until the car was 40 miles north heading away from the mexican border. then they were ordered to turn around what you really have is two points. the point where it was sold. and the point where you have a dead border patrol agent in between, you have no-no idea where that weapon was that is not a program anyone would say makes sense when you understand it the way we now do. >> sean: explain the interim director of the atf, bureau of alcohol, tobacco and fires -- and firearms. when he reads this information
9:38 pm
for the first time. shocking he didn't know about this. he says he's sick to his stomach. you believe there's a possibility that rick holder may have lied under oath. can you explain that to our audience? >> we know that rick holder should have known sooner. the public knew sooner. lanny brewer was actively involved in approving a program that he believes in. that he thinks was just poorly executed, but the program was good. we also know that this career professional, melson, was transfered in, 2009, senior normally nonpolitical person he gets transfered in to run this 1800 member unit. he's not looking at individual investigations for obvious reasons. he's not even briefed by the other agencies that justice had involved in this task force. he's not briefed on what they knew. by the time he reads these documents, including the wiretap requests he's after the fact fanning out much of
9:39 pm
what he was told they were looking for, they already knew but hadn't told atf. >> sean: there was an attempt, in many ways i think he's being the honest whistle-blower in this case. from what i understand, when he appeared before your committee, he didn't go with government lawyers, as would normally be the process. he went with his own lawyer. and there's a fear there was an attempt to silence him here. >> very clearly, the justice department wanted him in there with justice lawyers. he the right and was never informed he had the right to come in with his own lawyer. our on people in contact through an intermediary let him know that he not only agreed to come in, but came in on the 4th of july, no question he was coming in on his own time. and his attorney, never, never, never, asked him to stop or
9:40 pm
have extensive consultation. he simply answered the question with his counsel present that's opposite of what we've had in the previous interviews, the few in which had their attorneys. they are trying to limit our discovery. trying to counsel their people to give only certain things. it is one of the reasons we fan it refreshing when we get a career professional coming in answering fully and completely and letting us go where the trail leads. >> sean: what you seem to be describing is an obstruction of a congressional investigation. >> i think you are close to accurate. there's a standard that we would have to meet to call it that. it is very clear that people were being discouraged from speaking to us, slow rolled and justice was negotiating while all the discovery we were getting was from whistle-blowers, people handing us documents, coming forward around justice.
9:41 pm
and today the discovery, if it wasn't available on the internet is an all black page of redaction to where it is of no value. >> sean: you think they would come clean and tell the truth. if you discover that rick holder knew a lot more than what he indicated, that would mean that he objects sentenceably lied to congress, -- on sentenceably lied to congress, would it not? >> he knew a couple weeks before he testified, before the judiciary committee he's in serious trouble. i think he's in serious trouble in a different way many he should have known about this, not just this past february, but a year earlier. this was a program that let thousands of weapons go into a foreign country, in some cases, stay in america, that were being deliberately ha allowed to be sold to straw purchasers who want to sell to criminals. that's the opposite of what the bush administration did the bush administration fired u.s. attorneys for not
9:42 pm
enforcing gun laws. here we have the opposite happening at all levels. >> sean: the attorney general, will you have access to his e-mails and subpoena them? >> we will be going through e-mails. so far we are not getting the level of cooperation that would cause us to believe we are going to get them easily. >> sean: we'll stay on the story. let not your heart be troubled our great, great american panel, next. justed? you can see everything ok? just stay off th freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while u're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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9:46 pm
the deal within 48 hours. first, let's go to the president using the words gun to our head. remember he's the one that lectures about rhetoric, tone and the country. here's what he said. >> the president: never in our history has the united states defaulted on its debt. the debt ceiling should not be something that is used as a gun against the heads of the american people to extract tax breaks for corporate jet owners. >> sean: class warfare again. here's the first point trippi. he voted as senator not to raise the debt ceiling he said it is irresponsible. we have to live within our means. hypocrisy number one. number two is rhetoric. number three f we get to the point this is the -- fourth occasion we are at this deadline the full, faith and credit argument, we're gonna pay our debts first. he's not being honest with the
9:47 pm
american people, number three. >> look, i think all those are points, fair points. the bigger point is he's not on jobs. there's an opportunity to create some jobs with this thing. debt is a big problem with the american people. but it is economy, it is the jobs that aren't happening. eric cantor opened the door by putting loopholes on the take. you can do tax credits that would create a million jobs, build schools, it is happening in virginia. howard dean my old boss supports the idea of these these kinds of tax credits. that's where democrats have to get to. we have to win on jobs. all this other stuff is posturing. >> sean: let me go to tony. this is a moment of truth for these republicans. if they screw this up and they get screwed in this deal, i think every one of them will be primary -- >> in 1988 president herbert
9:48 pm
walker bush said no new taxes, he got defeated. i was there with newt, we break with him on that if the republicans -- their only excuse for existing right now in washington is to lower the deficit and not by raising taxes. if they decide to get sucked into what is almost certainly going to be phony accounting tricks -- you are right they are going to get primaried, they deserve it, it will be a catastrophe for republicans and the country. this is a big moment. >> sean: this is a big moment. >> you are talking about the politics aspect. look, a real conservative is gonna say this is the opportunity to cut down, cut trillions of spending. this is one of the things, you know, look, reagan, both you and i admire reagan. he bit the bullet and had to raise tacks to save social security. -- raise taxes to save social security. the
9:49 pm
>> sean: he was promised spending cuts -- [ talking over each other ] >> president reagan said it was the biggest mistake he made. he was promised by tip o'neil three dollars spending every one dollar of tax -- [ talking over each other ] >> one of the things reagan did with democratic congress do these tax credits with historical buildings and things that created jobs for building trades people, people that are out of work because of the housing crisis. >> sean: why did david plouffe suggest the american people don't care about unemployment numbers. they are not caring about debt to gdp ratios? >> i think that showed indifference that the administration -- >> sean: i would make them eat those words he have -- everyday. >> you are not going to get me to defend that. >> the thing about the gun to your head thing.
9:50 pm
that's not totally fair. obama did not say don't use the gun to your head thing -- >> he did. >> no, i looked over the remarks. >> sean: he said -- >> no problem, i get that. [ talking over each other ] >> wait a second. okay, obama in his tucson speech said cool, chill, cool the rhetoric. i saw that and i said that's great. because people were on the left were criticized, blaming sarah palin for having a target on her website. that's ridiculous. he was saying chill the rick -- chill the rhetoric. >> he uses the same harsh rhetoric he says others shouldn't be using. he says leave your ideology at the door and -- >> they are worried about their jobs and this economy. there's a way for republicans and democrats to come together and actually do it.
9:51 pm
you and i can do this. we go meet with eric cantor -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: i'm not raising taxes. >> i'm cynical about the prospect of washington coming up with real budget cuts. president obama is talking about -- [ talking over each other ] >> >> sean: i will tell any of the republicans, if you are watching, this is your moment of truth this is it. don't blow it. i'm telling you. it is good for the country and for your political career. more with our great american panel, after the break. in sma. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal. didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice
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gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. and try our deliciously refreshing v8 v-fusion + tea.
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>> sean: we continue with our great american panel. let's go to bill clinton. statements about the gop going
9:55 pm
back to jim crow. here's what he said. . >> i can't help thinking since we just celebratedth of july and supposed to be a country dedicated to liberty one of the most pervasive political movements going on outside of washington today is the disciplined, passionate, determined effort of republican governors and legislators to keep most of you from voting next time. there has never been, in my lifetime, since we got rid of the poll tax and all the other jim crow burdens on voting, the determined effort to limit the franchise that we see today. >> sean: same guy that said about barack obama, they played the race card on me and planned it from the beginning. in a week republicans have been call, terrorists, suicide bombers and now they want to go back to jim crow. >> yeah. he didn't say -- he wasn't
9:56 pm
really using jim crow, sort of tan out of context. >> sean: it is not! [ talking over each other ] >> wait a second. the democrats have since i've been in politics starting in 1963, they've been trying to steal votes in big cities where they have machines where they can do it. republicans used to do it. then they say if we try voter fraud we are trying to suppress voter fraud. they play this hand every time and wrong every time. >> shutting down people's ability to register and vote. >> registering the vote on the same day you vote is a formula for fraud. >> i think is right. you are asking for voter fraud. and it is not necessary. >> there's ways -- we should let people register. there's ways to check their id other things. it doesn't have to be tpraupblg . >> it doesn't have to be on
9:57 pm
the day -- >> i think college kids should have the right to vote where they go to school that's the one thing i think -- >> sean: you mean in the state when are going to school? >> yeah. >> it should be a holiday on the day we vote. -- [ talking over each other ] >> you don't want to make it so easy that it can be fraudulent. same day vote something an open invitation to fraudulent voting. after the election, a week later, you have to litigate to get a vet back, it doesn't happen that's why the democrats want to try to keep same-day voting. why republican voters are trying to stop same-day voting. >> sean: the president has been urging texas governor perry to waive the death penalty if it didn't already happen -- >> it happened. >> sean: this guy raped a 16-year-old girl and murdered her, his argument was he
9:58 pm
didn't get to see his mexican counsul. when he had a state appointed attorney, all his rights, convicted. i'm thinking, why would obama take that issue on at this time with perry potentially getting into the race? >> two things, one i think he wanted to take a shot at perry. also, apparently, he sincerely believed this man had his rights denied, which he had not had and the supreme court said he had not and he's been properly executed. >> i think he did it for the right reason. if you do this, then every american out there who runs afoul in mexico or every else -- >> every american who rapes and brutal -- >> who gets accused of it and doesn't get -- >> no one is questioning his guilt. the only thing he didn't get -- [ talking over each other ] >> no this is crazy.
9:59 pm
we do things in this country like for instance, when we do the machines that you walk in, they get to frisk you that whole thing. wait until you go to other countries -- >> sean: can i stop you for a second. >> other countries don't treat people the same way we do. >> sean: mexico has done nothing to stop the illegal immigration problem into this country. they've encouraged it, the government itself. >> it is not about illegal immigration. >> sean: hang on a second. >> what do you think it is? [ talking over each other ] >> if we don't do that, american citizens are gonna have the potential -- >> sean: then american dollars won't go to mexico if we are going to be treated poorly. we prop up their economy. [ talking over each other ] >> we give more justice to defendants here than any country in the world with >> a little too


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